Theo Cohen

I am a French teacher of History and Geography from Lyon.

I have graduated from two Masters programs, one in International Relations at the University of Lyon, the other in Geopolitics at the French Institute of Geopolitics in Paris, and completed part of my studies in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. I wrote my master’s thesis on the challenges and future prospects of the Israeli-Jordanian relationship.

As a high school teacher, I am regularly challenged by my students' views, passion and sensitivities whilst teaching the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Traditional history textbooks have proved unsatisfactory as they aim to achieve an external "balanced view", leaving out the historically-rooted perceptions underlying the protagonists' actions in the process. Furthermore, teachers may lack the training and tools to tackle this contentious topic.

Therefore, I am convinced of the need to foster an innovative educational approach, both interactive and inclusive, towards this difficult nub of international relations.

That is the reason why I am proud to be in charge of introducing and promoting Parallel Histories to a French-speaking audience.

I also hope to achieve a French version of Parallel Histories. Not simply a translation of the current syllabus, but a genuine pedagogical tool based on French resources enabling french-speaking learners to better understand both Israeli and Palestinian narratives.