Alon Amitzi

I’m studying Economics with Middle East Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I’m based in the Mount Scopus campus which is on a hill overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem to the West.

My research for Parallel Histories will be on the Second Intifada. I asked to take this on for a couple of reasons. First, the events form a big part of my of my childhood memories - I was eight years old when they began and I remember it as an especially dark time. Secondly, I think it shaped the way that Israelis and Palestinians see each other more profoundly than the First Intifada, with the ripples of the events of fifteen years ago still apparent today.

I’m interested in the Parallel Histories project for the same reason that I chose to learn Arabic and take Middle East Studies, a program which includes learning about Arab culture and Islam - I’m curious about alternative narratives to the ones I absorbed at home and at school whilst growing up.