Razan Malkawi


Living in Jordan my entire life, I never felt there is a difference between Palestinians and Jordanians. Being half Palestinian myself, I grew up developing a deep sense of belonging to both countries; I'm living in Jordan with Palestine always in my heart. Throughout my life, I have been taught, and learned a lot about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict from an Arab and a Palestinian point of view , but never from an Israeli one, which in my opinion is also important to know, because no story is ever really complete unless you know both sides of it.

I'm currently a 3rd year English literature student at the university of Jordan and my interest in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict has always been there, especially my interest in Al Naqba/Israel's war of independence, because I believe, in a way, that war's consequences are still living with us to this day. The results are still affecting and shaping the Palestinian identity as well as the Israeli one. The way Parallel Histories approaches both narratives objectively is very important, especially in such a sensitive case, where one side's disaster is the other's independence day.

I learned about Parallel Histories from Facebook - my ‘World Religions’ high school teacher shared your "wanted" post. I would have liked to have had this resource when I was in school.