Anthony Branch


I am in my first year of the GSAS Master’s program in International Relations at NYU. I have always had a very keen interest in international affairs, most particularly in the Middle East. My research interest is in examining comparisons of particular groups (ethnic, religious, regional) and how they have been affected by regime change during the period of Western Colonialism and the current time in Middle Eastern states.

My interest in these comparative paradigms steered me towards Parallel Histories. My initial research for Parallel Histories is in the narrative of the Six Days War/The Setback. When there is no middle ground it is imperative that the chronicles of these controversial events are accurate and faithful to the perspectives of the different participants. As a future educator I can see the value of teaching controversial and disputed topics in this way. It means the student has to develop their own critical faculties, learn how to weigh up evidence and arguments, and ultimately come to their own judgement. For me, that's at the heart of a good education.