Noa Shusterman

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I’m 28 years old from Israel, currently a master’s student at NYU at the International Relations program and a Fulbright scholar. I’m working on the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process – all the negotiation attempts done since the demise of the Oslo Accords, until current times. This includes the Wye River Memorandum, Camp David Summit, The Clinton Parameters, the “Road Map for Peace” and recent attempts made between the Abbas-Netanyahu administrations.

I believe there a lot of misunderstandings today regarding the conflict, people construct their opinions based on emotions and personal connections, without fully comprehending the complexities or historic influences. Learning about the history of the conflict from both narratives can provide students with a well-rounded perspective, helping them distinguish between facts and myths, and also understand better the role of narratives. Personally, as someone who aspires to work in the field of international relations, I’m also learning about the strength of narratives and how it shapes the way we react to conflicts.