Asad Dandia

Assad Dandia.png

 I graduated NYU last summer with a BA in Social Work. A major focus of my work now is on building community relationships, in particular among people of different faiths. I’ve visited and worked in both Israel and Palestine and the experience made me realize that rigid historical narratives can isolate people on all sides. The baggage of history becomes an impediment to progress. That’s why I jumped at the chance to get involved with Parallel Histories, and in particular my personal project which is the story of 1967. Reflections so far? Well on a practical note, I need to learn some Hebrew and I’m on a immersion course this summer. I will also be enrolled in a MA program in Near Eastern Studies at NYU this fall. Other thoughts? I’m a committed Muslim, and I was always taught things from a religious framework, so the Six Days War or Naqsah is interesting to study, as the conflict is about land and not religion.