Roua Mazen

My name is Roua Mazen. I'm a first-year student, studying English Literature with a minor in American Studies at An-Najah National University.

Being a Palestinian myself and having lived through the years of the Second Intifada, my interest was immediately piqued when I heard about Parallel Histories. As the famous quote says, “Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either”. To me, only after understanding all aspects of a story is there a real sense to it.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is one such topic that goes under this category of stories. I’ve grown up learning about this conflict from a Palestinian perspective. From what I have seen on the non-Arab media, I feel as though not many people really understand our/the Palestinian point of view. Parallel Histories grants me the chance to shed some light on this side of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and hopefully get the world to understand the historic depth behind both sides of the story, not just the one they’ve been accustomed to.

I've always been interested in history and storytelling. Having a major that’s relevant not only to my interest, but my work in Parallel Histories as well is a great asset. These contributing factors will broaden my own understanding of the history of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict from both perspectives and the nature of other conflicting histories as well.

My Parallel Histories work will involve researching the Oslo Accords, which were signed in 1993. My first assignment is to look through old archives and newspapers regarding the Arab reaction, positive and negative, to the Peace Process and the signing of the Oslo Accords.