Noor Alzaghel

My name is Noor Alzaghel and I study English at An Najah. In case you don’t know, An Najah is the biggest university in Palestine and we have a beautiful campus just outside Nablus which houses 22,000 students. Since a very young age, I have had a passion for reading, especially history, and I have always been curious about how non-Arabs view the Arab world and Arabs view the non-Arab world. There seems to be a long history of misunderstanding. This was why I wanted to be involved with researching for Parallel Histories. My first assignment is the history of the Second Intifada and my particular role is to find Arabic source materials which a non Arabic speaker would not have access to. Palestinian universities, perhaps for obvious reasons, have been slower than Israeli or western universities to both translate and digitalise their historical archives and I hope my work will help Parallel Histories get a more accurate record of what happened. Although I moved out of Palestine when I was very little because my father had a job abroad, we always listened to the daily news during the Second Intifada, so I feel it is part of my history too. I will be working with a student in London and I am very interested to hear how they perceive the Israeli Palestinian conflict. In my view, the dispute is all about land, but I know in other countries people think it is about race or religion. After I have researched the Palestinian narrative, I am interested in finding out about the Israeli narrative.