Heba Bawayah

Passion, to a significant extent, determines our behavior. Without it our willingness to seek change in our lives simply diminishes, mirroring that of an unemotional lifestyle. I found my passion at a very young age, and it’s my desire to connect and reach out to other cultures - that is why I chose to major in English and German and minor in Spanish at the University of Jordan in. After that my plan is to take an MA in International Law in Geneva.

I want to broaden my intellectual horizons, and in particular, I want to have a better understanding of the mutual relationship between the Middle East and western societies. This is also what has brought me to Parallel Histories. I will be working with a NYU graduate researching the twin narratives of what the West calls ‘the Six Days War’ and Arabs call the النكسة (the Setback). The story of the النكسة is close to my heart. As the daughter of two Palestinian refugees, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has shaped my identity from a very young age. This conflict has impacted and continues to impact my life and millions others out there. I understand how Palestinians think and feel about it but now I must try to understand how other people think and feel too